April (princessbtrfly) wrote in pipapower,

New member!!!

Hi! My name is April and I am from Cumberland County, NJ. We got a lot of snow over the weekend and I am off from work today because my kids didn't have school! Staying home today gave me the pleasure of watching Regis and Kelly. Only Regis wasn't there. They were showing some wacked out prom gown on the cover of a NY newspaper. The girls top was pretty much suspenders covering her nipples. ICK! ANYWAY...this brought them to Kelly's prom picture! LOL She had a dress much like myself or one of my friends in high school would have worn to prom. It was too funny! Her excuse for the dress and the big hair "If you lived in New Jersey and went to high school in the 80's, that's what you looked like!" LOL How true was that?!?! I love her! I don't think I ever really had big hair in high school because I pretty much always kept my hair short but yea, that's what a lot of the girls in my school looked like! LOL I loved that moment! LOL
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Hi April! I'm Brooke!